About us

Clarity, focus and closure - those three words are describing what great project management is and what all projects need.

Structivo company is created to provide such perspective, to solve complex problems and issues on construction projects, to provide consulting and to insure project success.

Large experience in construction business at the markets of Southeast European countries, cooperation with large international construction companies, investors and supervisors in different areas of civil engineering and environmental protection, combined with project management of more than 500 different projects, are the foundation on which Structivo company stands.


  • To be trusted, professional project management and consulting company who provides great value to the Clients.
  • Mission

    • Advance the practice of project, program and portfolio management.
    • Provide consulting services which will insure wanted result
    • Earn and maintain long-lasting, trusted-advisor relationships with our clients.
    • Set the enviroment for the people to excel.
    • Be the leader of positive change.


    • Highest ethical standards in buisness
    • Work, work, work, celebrate
    • Honouring and respecting people
    • Nurturing innovation


    CEO, Mrs. Sanda Bajtl, Mr.Sc.Civ.Eng, PMP® has 20 years of experience in construction business as the manager, business developer and owner of construction company.

    CEO, gđa. Sanda Bajtl, Mr.Sc.Civ.Eng, PMP® ima 20 godina iskustva u građevinarstvu kao voditelj, poduzetnik i vlasnik građevinske tvrtke