• Roads
  • Highways
  • Bridges
  • Railroads
  • Trams

Enviromental protection

  • Waste management centres and landfills
  • Underground water protection
  • Noise barriers

Irrigation systems

  • Accumulation
  • Pipelines

Special works

  • Wind barriers

We provide consulting and technical support to our clients in the aspect of preparation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling and of projects, in respect to cost effectiveness, rationalization, organization, risk management and completion of projects in timely manner and required quality. In the process, we use a wide network of our associates, partners and others within professional circles in the Republic of Croatia and whole region

Preparation of tenders and offers

  • Market overview
  • Cost estimation based on local prices
  • Price analysis
  • Calculation of production rates
  • MoU, main and subcontract agreement drafting
  • Preparation of documentation in accordance to requirements and positive laws

Consulting services

  • review of existing contracts/ agreements, including FIDIC based contracts
  • review of project planning, execution, monitoring and controlling
  • review of used technical solutions with proposal of modifications
  • preparation of claims

Project and Contract Management

  • Schedule Management
  • Construction Claims Management
  • Cost Management
  • Project due diligence

Risk Management

  • Reviewing contracts for potential risk exposures
  • Evaluating the reasonableness of estimates and budgets
  • Assessing project controls in place
  • Validating schedule duration and logic
  • Verifying that bonds and insurance policies are updated and in place
  • Tracking project expenditures and approving payment applications
  • Monitoring scope change and reviewing change order requests
  • Providing independent project updates
  • Preparing cost forecasts and cash-flow analyses
  • Recommending performance solutions to protect project budget and schedule